GIW Version 5.0 DVD/USB (PC Edition) - Boiler Manuals

With 6,000 manufacturers instruction manuals, new search features, including G.C. No Search and a clean new interface. The software helps with servicing, boiler commission and those all important CO/CO2 ratios when using your flue gas analyser.

Gas Installers Workmate Boiler manuals version 5
  • 6,000 models now covered
  • New navigation view
  • New quick look-up menu
  • New G.C. Number search
  • New text search options
  • Instant automated activation service
  • Easy Installation
  • Works with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8

What manuals are included?

  • Installation manuals
  • Servicing manuals
  • User manuals
  • Parts lists
  • Fault finding flow diagrams



Available in multiple formats for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Product Pay by Paypal
Standard dvd Edition - £29.99
(1 License)

Standard USB Edition  - £49.99
(1 License)

Also available for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

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