Kane 455 Installer Flue Gas Analyser Kit

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Kane 455 Installer Kit Product Details

KANE 455 Infra-red flue gas analyser has an easy to use rotary switch for mode selection. The user can view, and log combustion tests including CO/CO2 ratio, pressure, tightness, temperature and room CO tests. The unit features high accuracy and stability of pressure readings, and complete tasks such as checking the air/fuel ratio on high efficiency boilers and measuring flue draughts. The unit is rechargeable, lasting around 12 hours on a full charge and a portable printer is included to allow for readings to be printed.

Kane 455 Installer Kit


  • Easy to use rotary switch.
  • Long Life CO Sensor (Greater than 5 years expected life)
  • Long life Infra-red based CO2 Sensor (Greater than 5 years expected life)
  • Low fixed price annual servicing costs
  • Multi-fuel: Natural Gas, Propane, Butane LPG & Light Oils (28.35 sec), and Wood Pellets
  • High accuracy manometer.
  • Differential thermometer.
  • Seperate reports for:
  1. Combustion
  2. Pressure
  3. Let-by and Tightness
  4. CO build up
  • Battery life typically 12+ hours.
  • Protective rubber sleeve with intergral magnet for “hands free” use.
  • Designed to meet BS7967
  • Easy transfer of test results
  • 5 year extended warranty if serviced anually by Kane.
    (Servicing with Kane is fixed price low cost, no hidden suprises!)

Whats included in the Kane 455 Installer Kit?

  • Kane 455 flue gas analyser,
  • KMCP2 flue probe,
  • 4 x NiMH rechargeable batteries, battery charger (240v),
  • 2 x pressure hose and connectors
  • 1 x KMIRP infra red printer,
  • 2 x KPCP clamp-on pipe temperature probes,
  • Therma-flow cup and thermometer
  • Hard Carry case
  • Instruction manual, calibration certificate.

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